Policies and Procedures

Attendance and tardiness: Being late can hinder your appointment and the person after you. Since 2015, anything after 15 minutes from your appointment time is a fee and/or cancelation of your appointment. After 24 hours, same day cancelations have a fee of the FULL SERVICE. No call, no shows are an immediate termination of services indefinitely. I cherish the time I have with each one of my guests and I want to continue giving you the best quality service in the time you have with me. 


Please feel free to contact me via 

cell 513-227-3828 (text or call),Hairkitchencincy@gmail.com, for any questions.


HairKitchenLLC is truly excited for the direction of the brand and quality services for the guests in years to come. Again, thank you for your time and the gracious support. 


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Email us at Hairkitchencincy@gmail.com or reach us by phone at 1-513-227-3828 with your haircare questions. 

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