is so excited to announce the FOREVER DRIVE for “Girls’ Health PERIOD”. Our mission:To eliminate girls’ Absenteeism in school due to their menstrual cYcle. What DO we need?! Donations of NAME BRAND Pads with wings, and UNDERWEAR from Girls (6-16) to women (5-10) sizes. Who is this benefiting?! These products will be donated to Elementary and HIGH schools in need of Feminine products for their student body. MOst Schools DO not have the resources for decent or any Hygiene productS. GIRLS have to “create Make SHift Pads”, walk around with jackets around their waists covering stained clothing, or even BE sent home. BE OF SERVICE AND DONATE TODAY !!! Where can you drop off your donations?! Here at the salon suite from 10-7pm Tuesday-Thursday, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-1pm. We accept gift cards, monetary donations via Cash, click the link to donate via paypal or cash app $HAIRKITCHEN.

Girls’ Health Period Has been able to DOnate to the following SChools:

College Hill Fundamental Academy, Cincinnati Technical Academy, Hartwell Elementary, Woodward High School, Dater High School, Western Hills High School, Midway Elementary, Westwood School, Rothensberg Elementary, Woodford Paideia Academy, Shroder High School, Aiken High School, Chase Elementary, Rockdale Academy, Withrow High School, South Avondale School, and Riverview East Academy.